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Finance Officers roles have been redefined by globalization, along with the financial services industry at large. The financial health of a company relies on the capabilities of its senior management team members to work a highly leveraged environment in constant evolution. This is why our boutique, executive search firm’s global presence and extensive market knowledge makes Loftus Bradford the ideal partner to contribute to a company’s bench strength. We stand out in our field because we have a profound understanding of a company’s culture and strategy. We know the top professionals fit to lead the financial affairs of our clients in areas including the following:

  • Board services
  • Financial analysis & forecasting
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Risk management
  • Wealth management
  • Private equity
  • Treasury

We have long term partnerships with our clients which means we are privy to an exclusive perspective, coming directly from senior executives and board directors. Therefore we are always aligned with the organization’s business objectives in our executive search. Leading through change is a necessity for financial officers, amidst new regulations and the need for transparency. We know the CFOs our clients seek today have demonstrated experience in capital management, in dealing with mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, managing complexity, as well as risk management.

Financial officers with a global impact

We have a proven track-record for successfully helping clients attract and retain finance leaders with the capacity to effectively communicate complex concepts across teams. We have in-depth understanding of the financial profiles that our clients seek for senior level positions and can find the talent who will lead through change, in all sectors of the financial services sector. We support and guide our high potentials by investing in the long term: Loftus Bradford is present throughout the search, recruitment and post-placement process.