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General Management

The General Manager of a country or region is tasked with setting strategic direction as well as leading the day to day overall business growth for the area. He or she is responsible for overseeing all functions and leading from the front in fully managing the P&L as well as driving core leadership strategies to innovate, drive results and grow the business aligning with global and local stakeholders.

GMs have direction, vision, perseverance. Tasked with setting the strategic direction and business objectives of their area of responsibility, they drive an integrated marketplace. Companies turn to Loftus Bradford seeking trustworthy, inspirational leaders with track records of excellence in:

  • Coaching and developing cross-functional talent
  • Planning and deploying business strategy
  • Controlling and managing spending
  • Implementing effective trade marketing tools

Foresight and sound judgment in crisis management are key requirements in the leaders of the future. The rapid evolution of today’s growing markets puts renewed pressure on the demand for individuals with the ability to challenge paradigms, to lead in innovation, to be the most creative. The general manager sets the pace for trade terms, sets performance standards and indicators, boosts productivity, establishes the brand’s integrity and achieves budget goals.

Beyond inspiring the team, a GM leader creates star performers by adapting his leadership style and deploying best practice tools. The general manager is often single-handedly responsible for the business strategy and its execution, adopting the company’s vision to optimize marketplace growth and ROI. It is primordial that leader and client ‘speak the same language’; so that direction and management goals are cohesive with the company’s objectives, leading in turn to more accurate forecasting.

Where Great General Managers Are

As a trusted third party, Loftus Bradford taps into its extensive network of high-profile candidates, partnering leaders who bring credibility, recognition and longevity with an organization. Loftus Bradford’s approach to connecting talent and organization is unique in its way. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we develop strong long-term relationships with both parties. We understand our clients needs and culture in order to find the manager best fit to pilot a purposeful growth strategy.