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Human Resources Officers

Human Resources Officers know a business is as strong as the people it employs and the talent it fosters. The primary objective of the HR Officer is to lead the human capital of a great company to create bench strength. Industry leaders trust Loftus Bradford with making talent strategy and acquisition a priority. The success of an organization relies on the abilities of the HR Officers to purposefully invest in talent by:

  • Assessing & building talent pipeline
  • Leading on-boarding processes
  • Managing compensation & benefits
  • Organizing succession planning

Loftus Bradford stands out in the field due to our profound understanding of a company’s culture. The rate of client referrals speaks volumes of their satisfaction with our services. We have a passion to develop businesses, a proven track-record for successfully helping clients attract and above all, retain leaders in their industry. Human resources officers have the power to leverage an organization: integrating human strategy into the long-term growth of the business is vital.

In a world of increasingly international, mobile talent open to relocating and expanding their horizons, HR managers should be credible advisors to a business’s board. In the fight for top talent, bench strength is a critical aspect of organizational health. A diverse workforce is at the core of any powerful company; we help HR officers create a clear human capital strategy and to invest in diversity. This guarantees adaptability and resilience in a shifting business landscape.

Human Resources and Loftus Bradford

We know effective talent management and attracting great leaders shape the future of businesses like Loftus Bradford. Our on-going partnerships with clients mean we are present from the early selection process and follow-up with long term counselling. We know how to properly align ourselves with a company’s vision. As such, we act as trusted advisors and specialists in the field. Diversity is at the core of all of our searches because we know it’s an integral part of our partners’ human strategy. Building a diverse workforce is a challenge we are familiar with and we guide human resource officers on how to build the pillars of a successful company.