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Marketing Officers

Marketing Officers are amongst the most affected by the constant and dramatic evolution of communications in present times. Delivering a message synonymous with a company’s image and one that catalyzes sales is a monumental challenge, just part of the substantial executive duties. Loftus Bradford partners with visionaries who have the ability to think outside the box, to navigate a rapidly-evolving marketplace. Some of these abilities:

  • Traditional & non-traditional approach
  • Adaptability of strategy to demand fluctuations
  • Communication skills
  • Up-to-date on technology
  • Overseeing implementation

With digital at the vanguard of current paradigm shifts in marketing and communication, industries are more competitive than ever. The primary objective of the marketing expert is to lead the development and implementation of the brand strategy, driving sustainable business growth, thereby propelling a company to new heights. Loftus Bradford’s broad network of professionals capable of coaching and transforming marketing teams is a reference for clients seeking access to global talent, across industries.

We have extensive experience in successfully finding marketing and advertising specialists who have a diverse background, with multi-sector and multi-tools experience. Our candidates stand out thanks to their methodic, creative approaches, their competence in identifying market best practices and finding scalable ideas. We know that standing at the junction of traditional marketing and new emerging technologies, the marketing position holder must have a holistic methodology. As such, our network of leaders is qualified working across specialties.

Marketing Experts and Loftus Bradford

We are a boutique executive search company. We select clients capable of offering a strong employment value proposition to our network of top talents. We work with marketing officers experts in their areas of speciality. Partnering with these highly competent individuals, we bring their talent to both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries. Loftus Bradford has substantial experience finding the right leaders for our clients; our long-term vision and understanding of a company’s culture make us the perfect third-party to make a match.