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Strategy Officers

Strategy Officers or Chief Global Strategists have been increasingly in demand in recent years as chairmen, presidents and CEOs have been appointing more of these roles in top management positions. Responsible for developing, executing and innovating a company’s strategic plan, today’s leaders in strategy work in cross-functional teams, wearing many hats. These leaders demonstrate a clear vision and align the team to achieve the successful deployment of the corporate strategy. Responsibilities typically include:

  • Elaborating & implementing a strategic plan
  • Communicating the strategy internally & externally
  • Establishing & monitoring strategic priorities
  • Translating strategy into measurable actions
  • Monitoring key business indicators
  • Analyzing & innovating the strategy

The rise in demand for strategic planners has been reflected across a spectrum of industries ranging from academic, to nonprofit and corporate. Loftus Bradford understands the strategic elements at play and the unique goals of each client. We collaborate with senior leaders capable of answering the most challenging strategic questions in all lines of businesses, leading to decision-making that fosters agile growth. The professionalization of the role ensures the cohesion of a company’s goals with its core strategy, building on the organization’s mission and facilitating information flow across teams.

Strategic Planning Leading Change

We can attract the talent needed to map our clients’ strategic direction while ensuring the team’s competency in its implementation. Our consultants are well positioned to find international leaders, those capable of identifying and analyzing the opportunities as well as the obstacles an organization faces in growing and maintaining its competitive advantage. As a retained executive search firm we specialize in connecting our network of high potentials to our Global 500 clients.