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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Officers and Procurement or Operations Officers potentiate a business. At Loftus Bradford we know the importance of finding the right strategic leader for our clients; those who will create value and a competitive advantage. Our network of high-profile leaders are experienced in the processes of corporate purchasing, are adept at anticipating the needs of tomorrow and in creating a supply chain network resilient to change.

A supply and procurement manager understands how to identify business needs to strengthen supply chains; managing, sourcing, contracting and procuring from appropriate suppliers, in addition to innovating chain processes to maximize productivity. The effective management of supply chains ensures optimal resource allocation and minimal risk exposure.

Today’s fast-paced and technology-ruled world has risen the standards for talent who understand the systemic processes of supply and demand. A leader in supply chain and procurement must demonstrate commercial acumen, solid negotiation skills and analytical expertise. Measuring risk and impact, continually transforming and improving supply chain productivity, ensuring efficient distribution of goods and services to customers are their daily challenges. The leaders we partner with integrate a company’s mission into the supply management’s plan in the following areas:

  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Value chain strategy
  • Distribution logistics and technologies
  • Operations performance management
  • Inventory management and fulfillment
  • Manufacturing and transportation

Supply Chain Talent and Loftus Bradford

Great leaders attract great talent. Representing clients across 6 continents and specializing in 5 sectors means that Loftus Bradford benefits from an extensive, international network of professionals. We are a selective, retained executive search firm operating with a long-term approach and a proven track-record of successful placements. We help our clients attract and retain superior leaders who make a lasting impact.