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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Officers are in increasing demand. As the corporate world needs to position itself with renewed effort to the shifts and pressures of today’s environmental issues, global companies seek professionals capable of answering the call of changing laws, regulations and market demand. They look for leaders in sustainable practices who understand the economic repercussions of these paradigm shifts. As a boutique, retained executive search firm Loftus Bradford is well positioned to find leaders with the strategic capabilities to manage these evolving areas:

  • Alternative energies
  • Environmental infrastructure & finance
  • Resource efficiency
  • Clean technology
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Health & safety regulations
  • Clean exploitation
  • Sustainable supply chain

Due to the world’s growing comprehension of the importance of these roles, our clients – from corporate to NGO – look to us to profile and develop the professionals fit to develop and implement the necessary changes in their industry. Loftus Bradford is a growing company. As such we have been able to position ourselves at forefront of new trends. We are passionate about finding the leaders who play an active role in shaping the future, not only of business but of a better world. We work with those who will propel sustainability functions into unchartered waters. There is no doubt that this is a booming area of potential, whether an organization is looking to implement more sustainable practices in its supply chain or more energy-efficient mechanisms in the overall processes of the company.

Sustainability leaders drive global change

Led by an emerging consciousness of global environmental issues, the consumer’s vote for alternatives, technological advances and shifting economies, our clients know that Loftus Bradford is the ideal partner. Though roles in this area may still operate under a variety of names, addressing specific organizational issues, our network of high potentials have demonstrated experience in cutting-edge companies and are the most sought-after candidates. Our boutique firm knows the leaders specialized in sustainability who will be able to drive and successfully navigate global change.