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Never Miss a Career Growth Opportunity

Getting further in your career path and saying yes to unexpected opportunities go hand in hand. Losing out on an opportunity can be just as disastrous for your career as not knowing what employers look for in the fast-paced corporate environment of today. Here are some tips to inspire those looking for professional and personal expansion.


When it comes to opportunities, there are three essential steps to follow in order not to lose out: timing, listening and evaluation. Many say no to a career opportunity because they are happy in their current position. Nevertheless, ask yourself: are you correctly assessing the opportunities you receive in a purely objective way? Are you comfortably happy, or challenged happy? Be proactive when making a decision such as this one. The next step is to listen and be aware of what’s happening in your industry. Conduct and make it clear to a potential employer that you are interested in the information, but not necessarily in a move. This could potentially open doors. Finally, once you’ve heard what’s out there, evaluate what the potential employer has to offer. See what the pros and cons are of changing jobs. Either way, you gain out of the experience and you’re sure that you’ve made an all-round evaluated decision.


There are numerous opportunities out there that result in faster career growth. Now that you know how to assess such opportunities, it is important to know what you can do personally and professionally to accelerate your career trajectory and have these opportunities come knocking at your door. In the world we live in today, global experience is a must-have. Being able to relocate and adapt to any given market, whether emerging or developed is of huge importance. Candidates that are internationally mobile and have this kind of experience are in high demand.


Next, avoid stagnation. In order to prove to internal and external organizations that you are a high potential candidate, it is crucial to push for a promotion every 2-3 years. This indicates hunger and desire for progress which is appreciated and rewarded by best practice organizations. Lastly, take a step out of your comfort zone. Go for that cross-functional move and accept assignments that may seem challenging.


Make sure to perform to your maximum potential. Show adaptability and flexibility through your career moves and be aware of the opportunities around you. Make the best decisions by having a clear overview of all your options and become one of those candidates that are in high demand.


These principles correlate with the core values at Loftus Bradford. We believe in the power of diversity and never ever give up, as we are aware of the growth opportunities this leads to.

Girish Pramani

Engagement Manager consulting CPG, Retail and Pharma companies globally on attracting high potential talent. He recruits talent in E-Commerce, Supply Chain and commercial functions at Executive level.


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