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Six Things I Have Learnt From Six Years at Loftus Bradford

When I was asked  by my management team to say a few words before I head off on maternity leave I decided to get inspiration from my role models as they are key to me and my success. Coincidentally, that morning I received Indra Nooyi’s article on what she learnt from being PepsiCo’s CEO for ten years. So I decided to focus on six things I have learnt in six years at Loftus Bradford. I believe these things can help everyone to have happy and fulfilling careers and personal lives.


1. Don’t wait to have your name above the door

Act like an owner, there are leaders at all levels and you need to be personally accountable and responsible for your and your company’s success. If you want to be promoted start acting and doing the role at the level above. If you want to manage a big project, first manage a small one as if it was big. Don’t wait to be given the title,  do things at the level you are and the rest will follow. Being your own role model sometimes means breaking the mould and going against the stereotype.

2. Motion creates emotion

Keep moving, taking action is the best option if you are stuck, lost or confused. Pace, urgency and activity will bring results, so try to be resourceful and action orientated. Taking action is often required to make an impact.

3. Do what gives you energy

If you spend time doing energizing activities in your career and life, success will follow. I have worked throughout my pregnancy because work gave me energy. So it was an amazing pregnancy with some amazing results at work.


4. Work-life integration

Drawing hard lines between work and life is more destructive than constructive. Managing both in harmony really means enjoying your entire life, and living it in a way that works for you. Our flexible working policy has enabled me to work during my pregnancy and the last six years. I have worked hard but I have had a great life as well. I have managed to travel and get married, have a great time and do a lot of great things with the flexibility that I have been offered. It’s about integrating your personal and professional life, rather than having separate lives. That helps being more successful and fulfilled.


5. Listen

Listen to yourself. Do the things you do give you energy? Are you listening to your own instincts? When I haven’t listened to my feelings, I often realized that was not the right thing to do. For headhunters one of the most important keys is listening – when talking to clients try listening more and talking less. As good listeners, we are able to help our candidates, clients, team members, our employees and ourselves. And that leads to successful lives and opportunities.


6. Give back

At the end of the day, we are changing lives, we are trying to help our clients attract better people and make the company more successful, profitable and diverse. That’s where the diversity parts comes in – we want to make sure we are working with companies that are changing the world, bringing great results to our organization, but also giving back to our candidates. We are placing candidates whose lives change, their family’s lives change and they move locations. If you really believe in what you are doing it also gives back. I have always done things in my career with the thought of giving back to my company, my bosses, my stakeholders, my clients and my suppliers. I think that is a big part of why I am so successful.


Growing within this company has been an amazing journey full of challenges, successes and learnings. These are lessons I would share with my candidates, my LeanIn circle and personal connections too.

Zara English Janmohamed

Partner at Loftus Bradford Group, a boutique Executive Search firm, serving our clients globally by attracting top, international, diverse talent in General Management, Sales, Marketing, Big Data, E-Commerce, Retail, Strategic Planning, Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Procurement. Leading and developing our Diversity Practice across sectors and functions.


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