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Why companies need to get ethics right

The activities of large corporations have a huge social, as well as economic impact. Managers have the responsibility to promote ethical management as a fundamental element of corporate culture. 

Ethical management in corporate culture

Ethics is no longer just a concept that companies use when pronouncing their mission, vision, and values. Ethical management implies putting into practice transversal programs that guarantee the performance of good practices in all areas of business activity: 

Technology. Human Intelligence coexists with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, generating a new hybrid intelligence model of coexistence between people and non-human elements that must be managed by promoting ethical judgment in decision-making

Supply Chain. Organizations need to translate their ethical and sustainable commitment into the entire supplier ecosystem and make it an essential part of their corporate culture. 

Finance. Economic transactions, mergers and acquisitions or investments must be aligned with the ethical values of the organization. 

Marketing. Clients feel increasingly involved in the social and environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. Marketing strategists must make tangible the ethical commitment of Brands.  

Diversity, Multiculturality and Sustainability. 

Implementing DiversityMulticulturalism, and Sustainability in each one of the operational processes is part of the mission of the top executives of an organization.

In the same way as developing dynamics that involve teams in the challenge of building innovative and disruptive organizations in which ethical commitment is part of their DNA. 

The ethical commitment is an asset that creates value for all Stakeholders:

  • Strengthens the positive perception of the company
  • Increase the Brands value 
  • Facilitate cooperation with the business ecosystem that shares values and commitments 
  • Boosts the recruitment and talent retention 
  • Benefits the work environment and labour relations
  • Strengthens links with government institutions 
Girish Pramani

Engagement Manager consulting CPG, Retail and Pharma companies globally on attracting high potential talent. He recruits talent in E-Commerce, Supply Chain and commercial functions at Executive level.


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